24 Jun

What are functional skills?

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What are functional skills?   Functional Skills qualifications are GCSE maths and English equivalents that allow learners to get into a higher education course like University.    What are functional skills qualifications used for?   Functional Skills qualifications are most commonly used to advance a career. These qualifications are mandatory for most jobs and university [...]

14 Jun

GCSE Equivalency Tests

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The main goal of Sheffield tutor company is to provide support for all students and adult learners with their online exams. These tests are incredibly reliable and have a great pass rate. They are also perfect for those looking to get into teaching, midwifery or even nursing. International students and those who have never had [...]

31 May

Functional Skills Courses

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Here at Sheffield Tutor Company, our aim is to ensure that learners are prepared to undertake their Functional Skills Maths and English level 2 exams. The functional skills courses are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on and peoples situations change such as work commitments etc. These courses are GCSe equivalent, which is equivalent to [...]

13 Apr

GCSE Maths Revision Cards

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When preparing to take your GCSE Maths exam, there will be a lot of things to consider. Especially when picking out the revision materials that you will be using. You will have to consider:  If the revision materials are out of date If they follow the correct curriculum If they are for the correct exam [...]

15 Mar

Functional Skills Level 2 in London

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Here at Sheffield Tutor Company, we provide support for all students across Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Our services can help people of all ages and abilities achieve their educational goals. While we do offer support for Maths, English and Science - in recent months, we have been focusing on helping those looking to obtain [...]

8 Feb

Entry Level 3 Maths

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To progress through their Functional Skills Maths Qualification, some students may find that they need to study Entry Level 3 Maths. At Sheffield Tutors, we are here to help students on this journey, no matter their age or ability level. As well as benefitting students, the resources we recommend can help tutors and teachers.    [...]

31 Jan

Trigonometry Revision

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At Sheffield Tutors, we can provide students with free access to the best online materials available. The resources can be used from the comfort of your own home and at any time; therefore, you can schedule revision around your day-to-day life. Out Trigonometry resources have been recommended by many schools, teachers, and students, across the [...]

21 Jan

Functional Skills Level 2

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If you did not pass your Maths or English GCSEs and need an alternative qualification, the Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications are a perfect equivalent. They are Ofqual approved and accepted by many employers and universities around the UK. The Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications can also help with career progressions, apprenticeships, and other educational [...]

17 Jan

A Level Maths Revision

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Many students find their A-Level Maths preparation and exams difficult; here at Sheffield Tutor Company, we aim to ease this struggle. Our A-Level Maths tutors can provide every student with access to the best revision resources available. We highly recommend that students use the A-Level Maths Revision curated by MME, an experienced and trusted provider. [...]

10 Jan

Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Test

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There is a range of Functional Skills Maths resources readily available online, including past papers, practise tests and video tutorials. At Sheffield Tutors, we will provide you access to these resources and summarise all information you need about these materials. These resources are for learners of all ages; both adult learners and those in school [...]