Sheffield Tutor Company would like to introduce you to a new option that could be the right one for you! This is the GCSE Maths Equivalency exam

The GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam is what you could potentially need if you are looking at gaining entry into some higher education courses but don’t quite have the necessary grades or equivalent ones to those that are being asked of you. This option tends to be required for those who are looking to gain entry onto teacher training programmes, nursing programmes as well as midwifery. 


We understand that there are many training providers for GCSE Maths Equivalency exams and we have worked closely with many. For us, we definitely recommend A Star Equivalency for all your GCSE Maths Equivalency exams and preparation. They have been the leader in delivering GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams since 2002. They help you prepare for your equivalency exams with the option to either study for the course with them including revision guides, mock exams etc. or simply just their easy to follow booking system. 

When booking your exam, you will be able to choose what date and time you would like to do it around your prior daily commitments. Their calendar is also super helpful as it is colour coordinated for the cheaper exam dates (they get cheaper, the further in advance that you book it). 

The next option is whether you would like to do the Higher Tier or Foundation Tier GCSE Maths Equivalency exam. Depending on how confident you feel about your skills, most people opt for the foundation just because it has a higher pass mark and is a shorter course than the higher. However, we would advise you to check with your course provider before booking as for example in Wales, you need a Level 6 for teacher training programmes in GCSE Maths Equivalency exams, which is unattainable with foundation as it is capped at level 5. 


Please see the grade boundaries below for GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams so you can see which you think will be best for you : 

Foundation Tier Maths Equivalency Exam Grade Boundaries 

  • Grade 4 (low C) (55% to 74%) Grade 5 (75% to 100%)


Higher Tier Maths Equivalency Grade Boundaries are as follows:

  • Grade 4 (25 to 34%)   9 mark band 25 to 34 marks inclusive
  • Grade 5 (35 to 43%)   9 mark band 35 to 43 marks inclusive
  • Grade 6 (44 to 54%) 11 mark band 44 to 54 marks inclusive
  • Grade 7 (55 to 68%) 14 mark band 55 to 68 marks inclusive
  • Grade 8 (69 to 82%) 14 mark band 69 to 82 marks inclusive
  • Grade 9 (83 to 100%) 18 mark band 83 to 100 marks inclusive


Once chosen, you will be expected to sit your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam online, monitored by an online invigilator. All you will need in order to sit the exam is a computer/laptop with a strong internet connection and webcam, some scrap paper & a pen and your ID and a scientific calculator. Then you will have a 2 hour exam where you will sit your 2 1 hour exams back to back. (Paper 1 non calculator then paper 2 calculator). Both exams are out of 50 marks so your grade will be decided out of 100. 

If you think that this could be the best option for you, then please get in touch with us here at  Sheffield Tutor Company. We would be more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether that is booking your exam, 1 to 1 tuition or general revision tips like creating a timetable in order to achieve your desired grade and result! We are more than happy to help you with your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam journey so don’t hesitate to get in touch!