Sheffield Tutor Company helps people to prepare for City and Guilds functional skills exams. Our partners at MME have worked with us to gather together a collection of revision resources to help you prepare for your exam. These revision resources have taken the form of City and Guilds past papers to help you better understand what the exam will be like.

The qualification you can earn from the City and Guilds Functional Skills exam are equivalent to a GCSE grade, meaning that this is a great way to start your career with a potential employer. Most employers in the UK look for those who have a GCSE qualification in both English and Maths, and this qualification certainly fulfils that need, as many employers recognise this qualification as a GCSE equivalent. In addition, City and Guilds also offer both Level 1 and 2 of both subjects, so you have the option to choose which level you want to sit to best suit your needs. This qualification is also perfect for those who need to meet entry requirements for their university or college, as many of these institutes require a GCSE equivalent in English or Maths.

The City and Guilds Functional Skills exams are similar to other Functional Skills exams that our partners at MME provide, which follow the same curriculum and the same general process, requiring you to have a computer with a working webcam and microphone so you are able to communicate with your invigilator, who will be getting in contact with you on the day of the exam by inviting you to a video call.

With all of the revision resources and the support on offer on the MME website, you should be able to pass your City and Guilds Functional Skills exam.