Sheffield tutor company offers exceptional Maths, English and Science tuition, we deliver private tuition to students in Sheffield and across the UK and our teachers are highly committed to providing students with the highest quality tutoring service available, our method of tutoring is on a 1-2-1 basis so each student is the main focus during their tuition. Every teacher is highly qualified in their subject and a lot of hard work goes into preparing essential  revision material for students ensuring they are fully prepared for exams. We have the same attitude when it comes to our functional skills tuition service.


Functional skills maths prepares each leaner with an essential skill set to work independently, each learner will gain practical skills and knowledge allowing them to achieve an apprenticeship, university course or a future job role, for learners without a GCSE qualification from grade C to A* Functional skills are an amazing way for learners to prepare for their future. A must have revision tool that assists people during revision is the MME Functional Skills Maths level 2 revision cards . When attempting to organize revision material it can be a major challenge keeping the material organized, these cards categorize the information into manageable chunks making revision uncomplicated for the learner. 


Functional Skills revision cards  engage learners and provide a more efficient way to revise compared to note taking which can take longer and be less effective when it comes to memorising the information. With every question comes a worked example that explains the correct way to work out and answer each question. These revision cards provide easily accessible revision material that learners can take everywhere they go, this way learners will never forget anything they’ve gone through which is the most important factor for test preparation, making these revision cards an essential tool for learners to have.