To progress through their Functional Skills Maths Qualification, some students may find that they need to study Entry Level 3 Maths. At Sheffield Tutors, we are here to help students on this journey, no matter their age or ability level. As well as benefitting students, the resources we recommend can help tutors and teachers. 


We recommend students and teachers use the resources curated by Pass Functional Skills. Their Entry Level 3 Maths revision materials cover the entire specification in detail. The topics are formatted in a table that is easy to use and accessible for anyone. Their revision resources include: 

  • Revision Notes
  • Practise Questions and Model Solutions
  • Work Sheet Questions and Mark Schemes

These comprehensive and detailed resources aim to help students improve their Maths skills and expand their knowledge. We highly recommend that students take advantage of the mark scheme to see where marks are gained and to help them understand the different solutions. 


Furthermore, they offer a range of Entry Level Past Papers. They are the perfect tool to put your learning into practice. The Past Papers offer to emulate the real exams, giving students an insight into the structure and types of questions that may be asked. Once a learner feels confident in their ability, they may want to consider booking an Entry Level 3 Maths exam. After this level comes the Functional Skills Level 1 and Level 2 services. Students are encouraged to work chronologically through these; however, learners can go straight to Level 2 if they wish to. 

At Sheffield Tutors, we strive to help all students achieve their qualifications and educational goals. Additionally, we are happy to help teachers and tutors by giving them access to these resources too.