Here at Sheffield Tutor Company, our services regarding the Functional Skills Level 2 English exam include information regarding the booking process, as well as tutoring in the subject. The exam itself (if passed) will lead to gaining a qualification that is equivalent to a grade c or 4 in English at a GCSE level. By gaining this qualification (when you didn’t already have the appropriate grade already in English) you get access to a wide range of further education options including, but not limited to:

  • University courses
  • Other course routes
  • Apprenticeships


Regarding the exam itself, the first part is made up of a Reading section (1 hour) and a Writing section (also 1 hour). Overall this part of the exam will be 2 hours in total, and will need to be taken all at once. To pass you will need to have skills like reading comprehension, as well as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and so on. At Sheffield Tutor Company we help you gain these skills to help pass your FS English Level 2 Exam.


The second section of the exam will be the SLC (meaning the Speaking, Listening, and Communication). This will consist of you creating and presenting a presentation to the examiner, as well as a group of people who are also taking their SLC. Here you will be marked on the clairy of your presentation and how you get your point across to your audience, as well as how you communicate with the other people taking their SLC. At Sheffield Tutor Company we will tutor you on how to do all of this effectively to help you pass this section.