We work with MME to provide the best tutoring service and revision materials. If you require a GCSE equivalent qualification for employment or University, functional skills English level 2 is regulated by Ofqual, so it has been approved by the UK government as a GCSE equivalent qualification. Functional skills is a good place to start by searching for online support.

The reason why we work with MME is because they help guide you in booking your exam, they look at when you need the qualification for and find the quickest and cheapest online exam providers since we understand you might need your results soon. You can call MME on 020 3633 5145 to arrange your exam or email them at revise@mathsmadeeasy.co.uk. However if you want to book the online English functional skills level 2 exam yourself, there is an online system where you can pick the date. Afterwards, you will be set up with the materials for your exam, the functional skills resources. The resources can be used for any exam board so don’t worry if your exam is with Edexcel or City and Guilds functional skills qualification, you can still use them for revision.

The functional skills English online level 2 exam is three exams that make up the final qualification. You will not take all three exams on the same day, they will be broken down into separate days. The first exam is reading, the second is writing and the final exam you will take is speaking, listening and communicating. To obtain the qualification, you have to pass all three exams. If you weren’t successful in one or two of the three exams, you only have to resit them and not all three exams.