What are functional skills?


Functional Skills qualifications are GCSE maths and English equivalents that allow learners to get into a higher education course like University. 


What are functional skills qualifications used for?


Functional Skills qualifications are most commonly used to advance a career. These qualifications are mandatory for most jobs and university courses as well as apprenticeships. These courses have been used by those who are looking to get onto a policing and nursing course. 


What are functional skills grades and pass marks?


The pass marks for the Functional Skills qualifications differ depending opnt he exam and the subject. Usually 50-60% will get you the grade you need to pass the exam and get the qualification. 


How do I register for a functional skills qualification? 

 You register by contacting an Ofqual regulated exam center such as  Pass Functional Skills. These will then be able to onboard you, get you set up with the correct course materials and ensure that your certificate at the end is universally recognised by employers and University course providers. 


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