You can find a plethora of high-quality revision materials online, all with the purpose of helping you pass your Functional Skills English Level 2 exam. One key resource is the Pass Functional Skills Level 2 English Online Course; it is a comprehensive, detailed course aimed at learners of all ages. At Sheffield Tutor Company, we are offering the course to our learners for FREE!


To register for the Free course, use the link below:

Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course 


The course is popular among learners, created specifically to help people with their Functional Skills English Level 2 exams. The course content covers the specification and has been designed to ensure that all learners have everything they need to pass! As the course is tailored to the level 2 exam, which is equivalent to a pass at GCSE, it is great for applying to jobs, universities, and other educational courses. We have thousands of people across the UK signing up for the English course every year; it is a highly beneficial revision tool as it covers the specification and will generally improve your English skills. 


The course covers all the components of the Functional Skills English Exam: Reading, Writing, and Speaking, Listening and Communicating (SLC.) The English course has a mix of topic videos, practice assessments and mock-style questions, all of which aim to help you improve your grammar, punctuation, and comprehension skills. Each aspect of the course aims to expand your English knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the English course allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses -which is perfect for managing your revision time effectively. 


If required, we can offer you additional support across all components of Functional Skills Level 2 English. We highly encourage all students to sign up for this course, it is the ideal tool and guide to assist with your learning, and it is free! After completing the registration form, you can access the  Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course and get started with your revision!