Here at Sheffield Tutors, we have a dedicated team that aims to support learners of any age by developing their English skills in preparation for their Functional Skills English Exam. One key revision tools you can use are the Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers. Many of our students have found them to be useful when revising. In this article, you can find all the information you need about the Past Papers and how to access them.


There is a range of websites that offer the Functional Skills Level 2 Past Papers. Please be aware that the specification has been reformed since 2019; therefore, any Past Papers will not be as relevant. You can revise using Past Papers from any exam board as they all follow the same curriculum and cover the content. Although, the exam boards may differ in the exam structure, for example, the timing for each section of the exam. Despite the potential difference, all the revision materials from the different exam boards are useful revision tools that can further your learning.


As revision can be a stressful process for some learners, we advise that you only start using the past papers once you are confident in the topic areas, as using the Past Papers before you are ready may knock your confidence. To begin with, we suggest that you do not focus too much on the pass mark, practise makes perfect, and you will be able to see improvements over time. We believe that completing Past Papers under timed conditions is the best course of action. Emulating the exam in your revision ensures that your preparation process will be as close to the actual exam as possible. Furthermore, this is a highly effective technique to improve your time management skills.


Additionally, each Functional Skills Level 2 Past Paper provided comes with a mark scheme. Using the mark schemes to review your answers can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you would prefer a tutor to mark your work, we at Sheffield Tutors are happy to organise this for you.


At Sheffield Tutors, we strive to support all learners with their exam preparation. If you would like to book tuition sessions, we can set you up with one of our Functional Skills Tutors in Sheffield.