This article will be going over the different resources that we offer, as well as giving you access to said resources. Our aim is to ensure that you are as prepared for your Maths exam as you could possibly be, and the resources are a great way to get there. The resources we offer are Pre-Assessments, Practical Papers, and Past Papers. Before we get started and go through these in depth, if you have not already booked your exam, or want to find out more information, the link to the Maths exam store page is here.


Pre-Assessments – These are practice tests that are used to show you what subjects in Maths you are struggling with the most. Pre-assessments will show you clearly what subjects you need to work the most on, helping to optimise your revision to get the most out of your time.


Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers – These are a set of 20 practice papers (not to be mistaken with the practice tests in the pre-assessments!) that are formatted in the same way as the Maths exam you will be taking. Using this resource is very convenient as it will be delivered right to your door (no printing required) and will come with a marking scheme. This will allow you to mark your own papers helping you see where you are struggling, as well as showing how the questions you got wrong are supposed to be answered.


Functional Skills Past Papers – These are past Maths exams that are close to the Maths exam you will be taking. Alongside this we have a video on the solutions to the questions on the past papers. This will give you a good idea of what you are struggling with, and give you the solutions on how to solve the problems. We also provide the past papers in both paper and online form. Because of these things, this particular resource is the most popular out of the three.